FACILITY CAPACITY - We expect at different stages that we will have a limit on how many people can be in our facility at one time. It is very important that team members and members help ensure this is being complied with. If for some reason we are at capacity, you must wait to enter the building until we are below capacity again. 

Currently we are allowed a maximum of 10 participants per group fitness session but 20 people per 200m2 zone as outline by State Government.

PHYSCIAL DISTANCING - It is a requirement by the State and Federal Government that we abide by social distancing rules. Signage will be placed around the gym, at each entry point, on the floor and on equipment to help remind everyone in our facility that they must abide by these rules. 

Equipment must be spaced apart in a way to allow for people to use the equipment whilst maintaining the 1.5m distancing rule. 

IF YOU ARE SICK - Stay at home. Even if you have mild symptoms, it is best to be cautious and get tested and wait for a negative COVID-19 test result. 

If the COVID-19 test comes back positive, G-Force Fitness will shut down immediately for a full clean and follow the appropriate steps provided by COVID hotline to assist and support all employees. 

COVID SAFE APP - G-Force Fitness encourages all employees, members and visitors to download the COVID-Safe app to help with contact tracing should there be a confirmed case of COVID-19. 

We will be using our membership system and FOB tag system to track all member visits so that we can easily conduct our own contact tracing (along with the advice of the COVID hotline) in the event of a confirmed case within our community. 

SANITISE HANDS - The first step upon entry to G-Force Fitness is to sanitise or clean your hand thoroughly. We also encourage members and visitors to sanitise their hand regularly throughout their visit.

Signage is provided throughout the facility via The World Health Organisation on how to do this effectively (see attached). 

We also recommend employees to regularly sanitise their phones, keyboards and handheld devices as often as possible as well as every time you move between work spaces, tasks or activities. 

ZONING - The gym has been zoned into spaces, these spaces have been clearly marked with bollards and tape. Members must adhere to the 20 people per 200m2 zoning restrictions as outlined by State Government. 

TOWELS – Please bring a large towel to place over mats and equipment that you are using and then a smaller sweat towel.
Please wash these after each use.
We will enforce a “No Towel, No Train” policy.

WIPE DOWN EQUIPMENT- G-Force Fitness is asking all members and employees to wipe down any surfaces that come into contact with their skin. 

Equipment includes but is not limited to benches, mats, machines, free weights, bands and must be wiped down with the provided anti-bacterial wipes immediately after use. 

This will then be followed up with our routine cleaning procedures. 

RESPIRATORY HYGIENE - See attached poster outlining why and how you should cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze to prevent transmitting infectious disease such as influenza.

SHOWERS & CHANGEROOMS – Showers are not to be used under any circumstances during the initial stages of opening post COVID-19 restrictions. 

FRONT/BACK DOOR - The front/back door must remain locked at all times to ensure that all team members and members use their designated FOB tag to enter the facility so that we have attendance records in the case that we need to perform contact tracing. 

ROLLER DOOR - The front roller door must remain shut & the rear roller door can be used so that team members and members use the front door and their designated FOB tag as the entry point to the facility. 

STAFF TRAINING – All staff have completed the Federal Governments COVID-19 Infection Control training as well as in-house training on how to perform effective cleaning.

MEETINGS - To ensure we are able to follow social distancing rules we are implementing the following: 

1) Client meetings and consultations - Client meetings and consultations are to be held in an open space such as the gym floor where possible. If it is not possible to meet in an open space then the office may be used but the meeting must be no longer than 15 minutes. The meeting attendees should sit on opposite sides of the room to maintain social distancing rules. 

2) Team meetings - If a team meeting is required in person, it is to be held in an open space and social distancing rules are to be followed.